Nike Air Force 1/1 Unlocked By You Custom Shoe – Blue


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The Nike Air Force 1/1 Unlocked By You is a custom shoe like you’ve never seen before. Become a sneaker surgeon with a hook-and-loop base that lets you build and rebuild your shoes to match your aesthetic. Leather, suede and Ripstop layers give you an infinite range of possibilities for customising this classic, while a high-top “add-on” lets you decide if it’s a high or low kind of day. Want a more upscale take on the AF-1? Choose jewel Swoosh foxing for subtle, elegant branding. The looks are yours to create, change and evolve. Choose Your Colours Don’t see the world in black and white? Choose from 7 carefully curated tones for the hook-and-loop base. Other components come in a diverse palette of bright, subdued and neutral hues so you can design your ideal shoe(s). Don’t Forget the Details You’d be remiss to overlook the array of options available to you in the laces, Swoosh choices and outsole with all the larger elements at play. Add a high top, a jewel Swoosh accent and other iconic options that give you the right look for any occasion. Speak Your Piece Finally, put a personal message using up to 3 letters, numbers and/or special characters on the dubrae for a final touch on your 1-of-a-kind AF-1.